In March 2008 seven artists were given seven days of unrestricted access to Dandenong's historic Grenda's bus depot prior to its demolition.



We're on site!

We are finally on the Grendas site and are hard at work.

Ben Morieson has already erected a white box in the bus wash bay which will be part of a site performance at the opening.

Campbell and James have pulled windows and are cutting through the exterior.

Susan has brought in some industrial strength cleaner and a jack hammer and is working her way through the grease cleaning area.

Cam has dropped to holes through the boardroom floor into the engine repair room and is rigging up an apparatus.

Matt Morrow has replicated some domestic objects and is shuffling them around the site looking for the best location.

Robbie has created a sizable tear in the front room of the upholstery workshop(house).

Jenny is doing a fine job of site supervisor and we are receiving incredible help from council supplied tradesmen Kevin,Jack,John.

From Robbie's kitchen window at the house we can see over the site and it already has the most amazing feeling!

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