In March 2008 seven artists were given seven days of unrestricted access to Dandenong's historic Grenda's bus depot prior to its demolition.




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David Howard said...
Hi, Depot artists. I watched your slot on the Sunday Arts program this afternoon. I quite enjoyed watching the process unfold and was surprised at how you managed to transform the depot in such a short time.
It must have been an interesting week to have such free reign on someone else's property at such a large site.
I have written a short article that refers to your Installation and Blog site on ArtSmelter - an artist collective blog -
See ya - david

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Michael Goldberg said...
I've just seen the ABC doco, which unfortunately did/could not give enough coverage to the final results, it still managed though to bring to my attention a really fantastic project. I can only throw heaps of praise and admiration at all of you. As a "site-specific" artsist and curator of a number of projects in locations of historic interest in Sydney (Elizabeth Bay House, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Australian Museum), I just have to say that you've all captured the very essence of what site-specific/responsive work is all about. To your credit, you've also fired the imaginatons of the workers who toiled there, and most importantly treated their workplace with a great deal of respect - even though the interventions were so radical. Thank you... it made my Sunday.

April 20, 2008 1:15 AM

Adrián Villa said...

amazing work, really interesting, and, as it was said on the last comment, it really catches the whole idea of site-specific projects.
Here`s a project i worked in somehow related to your work:

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Anonymous said...

Any updates on how the final book is coming along?

Am looking forward to what promoises to be a good read.